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About Us


Thank you so much for visiting Fugly Emporium. 

Fugly Eporium is a small business run by me - Deborah in a tiny fugly crooked old magical cottage in a tiny crooked

hamlet in the Cotswolds of England.  


I sell other worldly mystical and magical one of a kind Fugly collectibles hand sculpted and designed by myself as

well as a range of original artworks, prints, pins and other goodies and because the business is a Emporium of all things Fugly,  I also sell unique and vintage beautiful Fugly items I find whilst exploring the many historic towns and villages of England.


I set up Fugly Emporium in 2022 but have been creating Fugly folk all my life waiting till now to share my love of all things Fugly with the world.  I have a BA HONS Degree in Ceramics and have exhibited in the Royal Albert and Victoria Museum London.  I am currently building a enchanted crooked ceramic studio tucked into my tiny sloping cottage garden, keep a eye on my blogs and social media for updates and progress. 


Clay and polymer clay gives a lot of creative freedom being instant and forgiving mediums to work with adding natural forming textures, inperfections which all the while enhances the fugly.

Fugly Emporium incorpates my passion and joy for art through the creative processes of sculpting, illustration and dreaming inspired by the elementals of nature that are felt and seen in the imaginations of our inner child and the sheer beauty of the Fugly parts of ourselves that often get masked.  I embrace the fucking ugly because with out it life would become a barreness land of predictability.

Please follow me, subscribe to my Patreon to receive happy Fugly post each month and be apart of the growing Emporium of Fugly.  Check out my blog about the mystical and magical of Fugly and come visit me over on social media.  


Deborah XxX

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