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Beautiful Decay

cu· ri· os· i· ty ˌkyu̇r-ē-ˈä-s(ə-)tē ˌkyər-

plural curiosities


: desire to know:


: inquisitive interest in others' concerns : NOSINESS

The construction inside their house aroused the curiosity of their neighbors.


: interest leading to inquiry

intellectual curiosity

Her natural curiosity led her to ask more questions.


archaic : undue nicety or fastidiousness



: one that arouses interest especially for uncommon or exotic characteristics

Tobacco was once regarded as a curiosity in Europe.


: an unusual knickknack : CURIO

The antique shop was full of curiosities.


: a curious trait or aspect

It’s a thing people seek, it’s a searched set of words millions type into Google daily it’s a curio that faces us with our immortality and screams truth without any mask to hide it’s real beauty, if we dare to see it. What is that unique chill of nerves exciting my inner child making me want to seek more of the same to delve deeper into this side of life that our culture tries to deny exists, what option is there once dead other than to decay or become mummified with our treasured relics of collected curiosities left to antique shop shelves and charity shop judgments. We all feel it when we walk into the antique shop that’s heaving with gewgaws and tchotchkes, eyes wide a visual and curious feast.

Recently a friend moved into a house and they found a dead Gerbil perfectly mummified beneath the boiler, the one that got away only to be forgotten, lost and well still captive, the heart ache of it being lost and guilt of never being found a short story of someone’s memory growing up perfectly mummified. This to one person a horror to another a curious monstrosity best keep on their shelf of curios.

This fascination of beautiful decay can be distorted into fantastical the deep mysterious of a deeper unknown and produce objets d'art. Artists explore the sensations their work in this field can make in others and themselves. A Mummified Pixie or fairy bottled and shelved for the curios delight. A petrified mummified demon gnarly and grotesque strikes the match of fear in the heart as it races with the discomfort of the idea of what is felt in the soul gazing upon its fugly beauty. The utter beauty of fungi and toadstools which live and thrive from decay breathing down the dead hold potent powers that can kill or spiritually advance or heal recreated in art to be dawned on homes with great admiration and so they should these marvellous gate keepers of rebirth.

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