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The unhindered art of a child.

How is it we loose the ability to create totally unhindered like a child. I watch my child create utter masterpieces equal to that of any well revered artist. It’s pure expression with no fear of mistake as there is no mistake in their art. They take a idea and create it happy and content in its outcome no matter it’s abstract depiction. This purposeful desire to make is loose in detail yet perfectly accurate and it is just delightful in its uniqueness. I swear every child should start life in a art studio with limitless access to art materials they choose, imagine how it could develop the mind! Rich in imagination, perspective, visual awareness etc perfect tools for a life of learning and creating.

The pen line of a child is deliberate and strong and the pictures created become stories that develop wildly over pages and pages of sketchbooks. Art worthy of illustrative success. Can you imagine being a artist age 4 till 80, given the freedom to express artistically your entire life with no sanction to fit in boxes that dictate you a place in society, what a life that would be and should be.

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